Dave Barrett Construction provides the following types of services. Have a question? Give Dave a call at (218) 732-8863 or (218) 255-2121 or fill out the form on the contact page to send a message.

Dave Barrett Construction driveway maintenance

Driveway grading and maintenance

  • Excavating
    • dig basements
    • dig out tree stumps
    • dig foundations
    • cut down hills
    • change topographic area of land
    • remove tree line, trees, brush, rock piles
  • Site prep
    • clear area for building
    • clear area for driveway
    • remove trees and brush
  • Road work
    • construct driveways
    • private roads
    • grading and maintaining driveways and roads
    • resurfacing driveways and roads with gravel
Dave Barrett Construction provides site clean up

Site clean up

  • Hauling- If it fits in a dump truck box we can haul out or on site.
  • Demolition- tear down fences, garages, houses, barns – anything you don’t want on your property
  • Shore line restoration- repair or protect lake shore with rocks; Install Riprap shorelines
  • Rock walls- install retaining walls to hold back ground or prevent erosion
  • Gravel- install in parking areas, driveways or roads, walkways, inside buildings with no floor
  • Fill- build up low areas, level areas, put under concrete floors
  • Black dirt- flower gardens, vegetable gardens, lawns, food plots
  • Rocks of all sizes- decorative, walk ways, around foundations, under trees, lake shore